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The 14 Most Terrifying Things That Can Happen To You In An M.C. Hammer Music Video

Hammertime is actually the scariest time.

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1. You may be peer pressured into exploring a creepy house in a lightning storm and it is a scientific fact that no good can come of this.

2. You and your friends may be sucked into a portal which transports you to either a 1930s Jazz Era club...or a '90s club trying to look like the 1930s. Which one is it?!

3. You may become target practice for Wednesday Addams.

4. Your identity may be stolen.

5. You may be forced to wear incredibly tight clothing.

6. Alternately, you may be forced to wear impossibly large pants.

7. Even worse, you might be forced to wear the same impossibly large pants that all your friends are also wearing. That's not embarrassing.

8. You might meet the devil.

9. You might find yourself with your head in a guillotine.

10. Worse yet, you might survive the guillotine and be known as the guy with no body. (They'll probably make you do a body-less fashion segment on The Today Show.)

11. You might be chased by a demon in a diaper.

12. You might literally be what's for dinner.

13. You might be the only person without an amazing Halloween costume.

14. You may be prohibited from touching something. Which, while not necessarily terrifying, is certainly a nuisance if you are barred from touching the thing you really want to touch.

GIFs from Addams Groove, U Can't Touch This, and Here Comes The Hammer.

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