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31 Super Cute Tattoos For '90s Girls

Wear your '90s with pride. Forever.

1. Actually wearing platform sneakers like you did in your Spice Girls days ... prob not. But a tattoo? Sure.

2. And on that note: Girl Effin Power.

3. This Clueless tat is literally the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

4. The truth is you'll never stop loving Zack Morris so why not give in?

5. For the '90s cynic: Daria forever.

6. For the '90s girly-girl: You're more of a Quinn type, yes?

7. She is the one named Sailor Moon.

8. Troll dolls. They're coming back. You heard it here first.


10. If you're more of a dreamer, though, perhaps this Titanic quote?

11. Remember Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters?

12. A sunflower is of course a classic choice for any '90s girl. Especially ones with Blossom Russo obsessions.

13. Simba! A reminder to stay true to who you are.

14. Remember the best friend tattoo from Harriet the Spy? They do it in pen ink on their feet? Grab your BFF and get the real deal.

15. Casperrrrrr OMG dying.

16. Attn: Beauty and the Beast girls.

17. Another Beauty and the Beast-inspired design. I can hear the singing ...

18. A simple toe ring could be a throwback to your favorite '90s accessory (minus the pain).

19. Oh my god. This is both tragic AND genius. RIP, Tamagotchi.

20. '90s Gwen was the best Gwen. We ARE ALL just girls.

21. Pay tribute to your favorite '90s candy — the Ring Pop.

22. Lisa Frank inspired tattoos? Um, yes. Why didn't I think of that before?

(The following are technically '80s references but '90s girls grew up with these, too!)

23. Ariel! OH hai!

24. Totally outrageous.

25. Labyrinth: The movie that changed you. The movie that made you a woman.

26. Here's a more recognizable Labyrinth reference. Cuuuute.

27. This Rainbow Brite ink makes me smile.

28. Only the BEST Madonna advice.

29. If only this Strawberry Shortcake tattoo were scratch-n-sniff.

30. Whoa. The styling in the pic makes this Care Bear design look oddly high-fashion.

31. Now you can take My Little Pony with you everywhere. A childhood wish come true.

And I shall leave you with one '90s tattoo we should all use as a guide of "things to avoid" — FULL HOUSE NIGHTMARE.

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