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    17 Simple Pleasures Only People Who Live In L.A. Understand

    Ooh L.A. L.A.

    1. Tuning into KCRW every morning on your commute and discovering your new favorite band.

    2. Speaking of music, there's nothing better than popping into Amoeba for a free show, or finding something cool and cheap on vinyl.

    3. Getting an ice cold coffee most days of the year to start your morning โ€” and how refreshing it feels in hot weather.

    4. And, of course, delighting in trying out a new high-quality cup of joe, because L.A. is now huge on coffee culture.

    5. Basking in that gorgeous pre-sunset light we know as the "golden hour."

    6. And maybe Instagramming a sunset or two... because when you see something so beautiful, you just have to share.

    7. Running into a friend at a stoplight or on the road.

    8. And Instagramming cool or hilarious license plates you see.

    9. Being able to just make a beach stop whenever you're free.

    10. Getting an extra-special treat by ordering off of In-N-Out's secret menu.

    11. Delighting in the time of year when brilliant Jacaranda trees bloom.

    12. Eating a healthy meal when the weather is just right, making your body feel so, so good.

    13. Feeling that little rush of excitement and happiness every time you spot Angelyne.

    14. Having at least one friend with a pool you can crash in the summer, and how that always turns into a good time.

    15. Living that patio life, and always appreciating it.

    16. Finding out you've racked up enough points with your Arclight Membership for some freebies.

    17. And loving those moments when you look up and see some piece of Old Hollywood architecture, reminding you what an amazing town this is.

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