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16 Shockingly Profound Disney Movie Quotes

Warning: This post may cause existential crises.

1. Alice in Wonderland

If I was a different person yesterday, that means I will be a different person tomorrow, so who am I now? Cue internal meltdown.

2. The Little Mermaid

Tru dat, Sebastian. Tru. Dat.

3. Beauty and the Beast

This is like the answer to Gertrude Stein's "There is no there there."

4. Lady and the Tramp

What is a baby? How is it that you were once one and you are you now? Why are we here? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??

5. Peter Pan

The first time I read this: Um, offensive.

The second time I read this: Well...yeah, probably.

6. The Lion King

7. Pocahontas

Change: peeps just can't deal. Like every time there's a Facebook redesign, my life is over.

8. Pinocchio

So...cowardly, selfish, liars=not real boys? I'm with you there, Blue Fairy Lady.


9. Mulan

There's nothing left to fear but fear itself. This quote scares the shit out of me.

10. Pinocchio

We are but imperfect beings. And yet we are equipped with all we need for perfection. Which is why you still put up those photos on Facebook of you and a hot new guy to make your stupid ex jealous.

11. Alice in Wonderland

cc: Your stupid ex.

12. Aladdin

Live in the now. Because you can never get today back, except for in memory. Which kind of means that what is happening this very second is over already. Is any of this real??? Neo?

13. Snow White

Powerful stuff for old people. Which you now realize you are. Aw, shit.

14. Winnie the Pooh

If we tell ourselves something, do we then believe it? Can one be both be the teller and the tellee? Are we in fact two beings in one?

15. Lady and the Tramp

To make space, one must first let go.

16. Winnie the Pooh

What is "glad"? Can we ever truly know happiness? What are feelings? How can I ever feel satisfied if I never know if I am happy? And if I am happy, will I not know it? Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret?