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    The 21 Saddest Things You'll Ever See

    If your heart doesn't break, then you're not human.

    1. This sad kitten, who is very sad indeed.

    2. This terribly disappointing announcement that undoubtedly caused several parents' worst days ever.

    3. This fallen ice cream cone, which just ruined summer for everyone.

    4. This sad dog that is so sad.

    5. This child who is devastated that he cannot visit the penguins.

    6. This sad pizza: abandoned, cold, alone forever.

    7. And this sad pizza, doing an incredibly depressing walk of shame.

    8. This scarring moment from The Lion King.


    9. This sad and lonely baby sneaker. In a freakin' puddle. Life does not get sadder.

    10. This sad boy whose team is losing and clearly his world is ending.

    11. This disheartening "do you like me" response. They couldn't even pencil in "maybe"?

    12. This lil guy just trying to get through his day.

    13. This Christmas tree, only emphasizing the fact that ALL THE FUN is over for the next 364 days.

    14. This little girl, crying because she has just come to understand the concept of mortality.

    15. This scene from Alice in Wonderland, which is the epitome of loneliness.

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    16. This accurate depiction of how we all feel at the beginning of the week.

    17. This sad unicorn, whose magic has gone to waste.

    18. This sad suggestion. THANKS, DOVE.

    19. This sad book.

    20. This sad call log.

    21. And this very sad bear who appears to be contemplating all of life's sadness in the sadness that is a dirty kiddie pool.


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