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19 Reasons Why Being Short Is The Best

Go shawty, it's your birthday. Or not!

1. Legroom on airplanes is never an issue.

2. Oh, and of course, long-legged people who need the front seat are always grateful when you volunteer to fit in the back.

3. You can shop in the petites section AND the regular section.

4. And you've been known to sometimes shop in the kids' section. (Cheaper!)

5. You pretty much never have to worry about being taller than your date.

6. You can be a jockey if you want.

7. Because you have a low center of gravity, you're less likely to topple over.

8. You'll never be too tall for a bed.

9. You can fit into small spaces if need be.

10. You never have to worry about bumping your head on stuff...unlike that unfortunate Stormtrooper on the right. :(

11. You can get lower to the ground when challenged to a game of limbo.

12. Evidence suggests that shorter people live longer lives.

And there are numerous claims about short people having fewer health issues.

13. Short people actually experience things faster than taller people.

14. Even though reaching things may be an issue, tall people always seem to be friendly enough to help a stranger out.

15. You can always hem long pants shorter...but you can't make too-short pants longer. So, you win.

16. You'll never have to worry about blocking someone's view in a movie theater.

17. You can be an expert couchsurfer because you'll always fit on a sofa.

18. People tend to mistake you for being younger than you are (at least, in your early twenties this seems to happen a lot).

19. Because you know you're in good company with all the other fine short folks out there.