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    17 Pieces Of Proof That America Had A Hat Problem In The Early 2000s

    It was like everyone was naked without a Kangol.

    Can we please talk about how, in the early 2000s, it would appear that Hollywood could not go ONE DAY without someone wearing a hat? Here, a ranking of some of the era's headgear. As you can see, it was a slippery slope.

    17. Lucy Liu's headgear seems legit here — she's got on a scarf and tweed coat, so maybe it's actually nippy out.

    Stephen Shugerman / Getty

    Liu at a book launch party in 2004.

    16. Alicia Keys gets a pass, I guess, because wearing a hat was kind of her "thing."

    Scott Gries / Getty

    Performing at the 2001 VMAs.

    15. Jennifer Lopez rockin' a beanie with a side pony. Um.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty

    At the 2004 Kids' Choice Awards.

    14. I mean. Madonna is pretty much allowed to do anything she wants. Must be nice.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty

    Performing at MTV in 2003.

    13. Here's Cameron Diaz at the 2003 Kids' Choice Awards. Guess she's going for that "funky" look. For the kids.

    12. Or not...

    Hulton Archive / Getty

    Here in 2000.

    11. OK. Do we have a problem here? Should I be concerned? (Seriously, Cameron wore a hat, like, every day of 2002.)

    Patrick Riviere / Getty

    Cameron Diaz at a press event for Charlie's Angels in 2003.

    10. Noooo! Not you, too, Eva Longoria! It's an epidemic.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty

    Here in 2003.

    9. The sad thing about Ashlee Simpson's crocheted cap is that I'm pretty sure they're selling these at Urban Outfitters again.

    Peter Kramer / Getty

    At TRL in 2005.

    8. I have a sneaking suspicion that Britney is about to incorporate this pink leather newsboy cap into a dance routine. Spontaneously.

    Vince Bucci / Getty

    At the premiere of Crossroads in 2002.

    7. I don't have an issue with this hat, Kirsten Dunst. But I do have an issue with you wearing this hat TO THE MET BALL.

    Evan Agostini / Getty

    At the 2003 Met Ball.

    6. The only way you could get away with wearing this hat, Ashlee, was if you went around all night saying, "It's a plaid, plaid world."

    Amanda Edwards / Getty

    Simpson in 2003.

    5. Somewhere, a sad Scottish man is missing his tam o'shanter.

    Kevin Winter / Getty

    Gwen Stefani in 2000.

    4. This has Tina Knowles written all over it.

    George De Sota / Getty

    Destiny's Child in 2001.

    3. Hilary Duff, I must come clean to you about this hat: I hate it.

    Peter Kramer / Getty

    Performing on Good Morning America in 2004.

    2. Britney, stop trying to make the Three Musketeers look happen.

    Kevin Winter / Getty

    At the 2000 Billboard Music Awards.

    1. I am so confused.

    Matthew Peyton / Getty

    This picture of Lindsay Lohan in 2003 makes me sad.

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