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The 18 Most Over-The-Top Marriage Proposals Of 2013

For better or for worse...

1. The Home Depot Proposal

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Key elements: A group of dancers performing choreography to catchy pop music, a Home Depot aisle.

Cry point: 4:05.

2. The Wakeboarding Proposal

Key element: A couple riding a tandem wakeboard.

Aww factor: Two moments of awesomeness. First, the proposal. Then you get to see him give the ring once they're back on the boat. (Full video here.)

3. The World's Most Complicated Proposal Involving Approximately 1 Million Different Video Elements

Key elements: An NSYNC parody; a flash mob; an Abba parody; a fake trailer for a fake action movie; like, 90 other things that happen; and a girlfriend watching it all on video.

Cry point: 21:20 when the girl's mother comes out and then 22:15 when the guy shows video of himself asking her dead dad's tombstone if he can marry her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. (Full video here.)

4. The Kim and Kanye Proposal

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Key elements: A baseball field, a full orchestra, and an entourage.

Cry point: A minute in...I mean, kinda?

5. The Pug Proposal

Taryn Berman / Caters News Agency

Key elements: 16 pugs, heart-shaped balloons, Central Park.

Aww factor: This proposal was made possible by the pug meet-up group of New York. Complete strangers pitching in for love! (Read more here.)

6. The Drone Proposal

Key elements: The view of the Full House house in San Francisco, a drone.

Aww factor: She's also pregnant! (Full video here.)

7. The Rap Battle Proposal

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Key elements: A rapping girl, a rapping guy with a British accent, an audience.

Cry point: 2:19.

8. The Pinterest Proposal

Key elements: A girl's wedding Pinterest board, a guy who is aware of said Pinterest board, and a surprise wedding.

Aww factor: Girl gets her dream wedding without having to lift a finger, gets proposed to and married in the same day. (For more, check out this half-hour video.)

9. The Public Disturbance Proposal

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Key elements: A Seattle lady, her girlfriend standing on top of a bus, a brass band.

Cry point: 2:01.

10. The Horror Movie Trailer Proposal

Key elements: A Polish girl out with her girlfriends, a movie theater, a scary fake movie trailer, and an appearance by Polish girl's soon-to-be-fiancé.

Cry point: 3:20...but it's in Polish.

11. The Angry Birds Proposal

Key elements: A guy obsessed with Angry Birds, an extremely nice girlfriend who tolerates her boyfriend's obsession with Angry Birds.

Aww factor: Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, helped create and arrange the whole thing. (Full video here.)

12. The Night of Almost Proposing Proposal

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Key elements: A girl who found out her man was going to propose (sneaky!), and a cleverer guy with a string of perfect moments.

Cry point: 4:49. When the guy FINALLY asks her. Yay!

13. The Zach Braff Proposal

Key elements: Zach Braff, babies, animals, people with signs, people with signs in foreign countries.

Cry point: Won’t make you cry, but 4:22 — when Zach Braff quotes the great Beyoncé — is clearly the best part. (Full video here.)

14. The Original Children's Book Proposal

Key elements: A library, a completely original book illustrating and narrating the couple's relationship.

Aww factor: The main characters in the book are a giraffe and a gorilla. And the whole story rhymes! (Read the full story here.)

15. The Black Lab Proposal

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Key elements: Two Aussies, an adorable black lab, the delivery of a package.

Cry point: 0:57 — the look of utter surprise on her face.

16. The Peter Pan Proposal

Key elements: A girl obsessed with Peter Pan, her boyfriend in a Peter Pan costume, a ship.

Aww factor: She's Wendy! Childhood dream come true! (Full video here.)

17. The On-Air Anchor Proposal

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Key elements: Live TV, a teleprompter prank.

Cry point: A good long one starting at 0:20.

18. The Harry Potter Proposal

Key elements: A Harry Potter superfan, a themed scavenger hunt, and a boyfriend waiting with a ring in a treasure chest.

Cry point: 6:39. But the whole thing is amazing. Watch it. Learn from it.