21 Dumb Joke Texts That Are Actually Hilarious

    Hard knock-knock life.

    1. This person was given the bird. And wasn't having any of it.

    2. But wait, where can I get tickets?

    3. Should have seen it coming.

    4. Chamillionaire's club.

    5. When in doubt, potty humor and toilet emojis will always piss someone off.

    6. Smartyphone pants.

    7. Homonyms, man.

    8. OMG DAD WTF.

    9. Under da C.

    10. Ooooh, burn.

    11. Yeah, don't be such a beach.

    12. Only thing missing is an "orange you glad" kicker.

    13. This would have been funny if we were still 5.

    14. Well that didn't take long.

    15. Dinosaurs don't deserve this.

    16. This Carrie Underwood joke is about halfway there.

    17. Oh, moms. <3

    18. Moms (!!!)

    19. Dare you to send this to a Yahoo employee and see what happens.

    20. ????

    21. Oh, you mean TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE?