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    22 Halloween Costumes Inspired By The 1960s

    Ladies who love '60s style, this post is for you.

    1. I Dream of Jeannie

    Yes, master.

    2. Jill Masterson, the Bond Girl of Goldfinger

    This is true dedication.

    3. Janis Joplin

    4. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Flickr: eugene

    An all-time favorite because it looks so gosh darn classy...

    5. Breakfast at Tiffany's, literally

    Flickr: subcow

    OMG, I love you.

    6. Lily Munster

    Flickr: greyloch

    Wow! Where is the Lily Munster Halloween store...because this looks like the real thing.

    7. (Dead) Bonnie and Clyde

    8. Barbarella (as seen here with Spock, which is cool)

    If you like wearing bathing suits on Halloween, this Jane Fonda character is for you.

    9. Lucy from Peanuts

    10. Sylvia from La Dolce Vita

    Flickr: aalborgcarnival

    Get a black strapless dress, a push-up bra, and then pour on some hair gel to make your hair look wet.

    11. Hitchcock's The Birds

    12. Jean Seberg in Breathless

    Way to go, Kirsten Dunst. All you need is an actual newspaper. (And a pixie cut.)

    13. Twiggy

    Flickr: lobraumeister

    ...or maybe this Halloweener meant Edie Sedgwick? Either/or!

    14. Rosemary's Baby

    Twitter: @ginnygoodwin

    Ahh! Here's Ginnifer Goodwin in a Rosemary's Baby getup...and it's frighteningly accurate. A++++++.

    15. The Supremes

    16. Jackie O.

    Otherwise known as, how you wish you looked all the time.

    17. Maria from The Sound of Music

    Flickr: midwestjess / Via

    Have some old curtains you've been meaning to replace?

    18. Mary-Ann from Gilligan's Island

    Definitely worth braving the cold in short shorts for this costume.

    19. Judy Jetson

    Flickr: nathaninsandiego

    Wow. This is no easy costume to pull off, but this is truly amazing.

    20. Liz Taylor as Cleopatra

    Flickr: nathaninsandiego

    Totally doable — those wigs are everywhere.

    21. Betty and Wilma from The Flintstones

    A super popular store-bought option.

    22. Betty Draper and Co. from Mad Men

    Because even though it technically wasn't a product of the '60s... it looks just as fabulous.

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