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27 Disney Princess Confections That Will Blow Your Mind

I want to eat what the people eat.

1. This Frozen cake, which looks more like an amazing playset than a treat. (Do you want to build a birthday cake?)

2. This batch of Princess cupcakes, which brings together a bunch of your Disney faves.

3. This Sleeping Beauty cake, which totally captures the essence of Aurora's dress.

4. And this truly amazing Sleeping Beauty cake, which really brings that birthday preparation scene to life.

5. This wonderfully artistic Little Mermaid-themed cake, which would even impress Ursula.

6. And this cool Snow White cake, which is definitely the fairest of them all.

7. This Tiana cake, which has so many awesome details, it'd be a shame to eat it.

8. These pretty and dainty princess (and prince!) cookies.

9. This girly birthday treat, which conveys general Disney Princess awesomeness.

10. These joyful Frozen cupcakes, which you'll eventually have to "let go" ... into your belly.

11. This cake, with an amazing silhouette of Ariel ... ZOMBIE ARIEL!

12. These cupcakes, topped with edible Disney Princess fashions.

13. And these cupcakes, which brilliantly turn frosting into dresses.

14. This Jasmine cake, which is so perfect, it had to have been baked by a Disney animator.

15. These Cinderella cake pops, which are so beautiful, they had to have been made by her Fairy Godmother.

16. This Elsa cake, which comes with something to keep forever ... after you've gotten all the frosting off.

17. This Sleeping Beauty cake, which looks like a stained glass masterpiece.

18. This tipsy Snow White cake is so much fun, and probably feeds more than seven dwarfs.

19. Here's a Brave-themed cake for the spunky and headstrong princess in your life.

20. These Little Mermaid cookies aren't just part of this world, they're out of this world.

21. The warrior who made this Mulan cake deserves a culinary honor.

22. Here is a Pocahontas cake you'll eat with all the colors in the wind.

23. Even a wilting enchanted rose looks delicious on a Beauty and the Beast-inspired cake.

24. This cake is so pretty, you'd almost kiss it.

25. This whimsical Rapunzel cake lets it all hang down.

26. While this Jasmine-inspired cake also takes a more thematic approach to Aladdin's princess.

27. And finally ... look at THIS cake! Isn't it neat?