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22 Disney Memes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

"Turn down for Walt."

1. Because this only happens like 9,000 times a day:

2. Because this relationship is truly wack when you think about it:

3. Because this is the IRL truth:

4. 'Cause hey girl, I've got something real important to give you:

5. Because these mean girls need to recognize:

6. Because "letting it go" is not all that easy:

7. Because Li Shang FTW:

8. Because problems:

9. Because this is hilariously cruel:

10. Because Aladdin is kind of sketchy when you think about it:

11. Because men sometimes have ideas:

12. Because this is a legit question:

13. Because puns:

14. Because turns out, this story is all about looks:

15. Because I'm drunk:

16. Because bed intruders:

17. Because Nutella is the nectar of the gods:

18. And because you'd do anything to get a taste:

19. Because you refuse to apologize:

20. Because pizza:

21. Because raging hormones:

22. Because this: