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16 Crazy-Awesome Examples Of Eyeshadow Art

Proof that makeup is artistry.

1. This golden-purple eye with intricate flourishes.

2. This rainbow eye, which looks like it was inspired by sand art.

3. This detailed confetti-like motif.

4. This Fault in Our Stars-inspired eyeshadow hopefully wouldn't make you cry.

5. This sunset reminds me of the "Kiss the Girl" scene in The Little Mermaid.

6. This bountiful eyelid of colorful fruits.

7. This oh-so-pretty Pocahontas-inspired design.

8. This glittery fantasy, which looks like a beautiful, messy, shimmery watercolor palette.

9. This purrrrfect cheetah-esque eye.

10. This stunning combo of pink and purple.

11. This bouquet of pretty spring flowers.

12. This rainbow eye, which would be perfect to rock during a Pride celebration!

13. This perfectly executed glitter cat eye.

14. This dreamy collection of colorful stripes.

15. This expert ombre glitter eye.

16. And this powerful superhero-friendly design!