18 Cards Against Humanity Combos That Will Make You Think Twice

    I see what you did there.

    1. This could actually totally happen.

    2. True story.

    3. Just imagine this scenario.

    4. Glory be thy name?

    5. The most apt description of the series yet.

    7. :( :(

    8. This season, on Orange is the New Black ...

    9. There is no reason for everything.

    10. But it's the fact that Bruce Willis discovers it.

    11. Let's go with "born with it."

    12. Let's hope so.

    13. Philosophical?

    14. Probably took an SAT prep class and then went shopping at Brooks Brothers.

    15. Well a person with an oedipal complex would think this.

    16. BRB, moving into a cave.

    17. Accident.

    18. Whoa. Whoa. Picturing this ... and YES I do want to see this.