Are You A Bad Person?

Of course I know which one is the recycling bin...

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  1. 1. How many are true about you?

    I recycle when I feel like it.
    I don't recycle, but if someone asks, I say I do.
    I have never given to charity.
    I always make up an excuse whenever Greenpeace volunteers try to get my attention on the street.
    I don't even bother to say "sorry" when ignoring Greenpeace volunteers.
    I did not call my mom on Mother's Day.
    I've forgotten my best friend's birthday.
    I've driven drunk.
    I've let a friend drive drunk.
    I've cheated on a test.
    I've cheated on my taxes.
    I've gotten incorrect change (say, a $20 bill when it should have been a $10) and not said anything.
    I've broken up with someone over text.
    I've broken up with someone by telling a huge lie. Like someone died.
    I've sympathized with Justin Bieber's struggles.
    I don't really care about any particular cause.
    I have pretended to listen to a friend talk about her problems when really I was online shopping.
    I have claimed to have never received an email about an important matter when of course I did but just didn't want to deal.
    I rarely give food or change to homeless people.
    I never give food or change to homeless people.
    I say, "I just can't" all the time.
    I think people are the worst.
    I don't have time for people.
    I've lied to my psychiatrist.
    I've lied to my parents and not felt bad about it.
    I've lied to a best friend.
    I tell lies all the time.
    I can't stand kids.
    You could not pay me one million dollars to babysit your kids.
    I've laughed at the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial.
    I like Nickelback.
    I've never participated in an AIDS/breast cancer/cause-related walk/run.
    I've participated in a cause-related walk/run, but only because it made me look good.
    I have gone to a wedding but not offered a wedding gift to the couple.
    I hardly ever leave big tips.
    I leave the minimum tip possible.
    I don't tip.
    I usually leave several lights on when I leave the house.
    I don't even really think about trying to conserve energy.
    I let the water run while brushing my teeth.
    UpWorthy annoys the crap out of me.
    I have hung out with someone/pretended I liked them because I wanted something from them.
    I have gone on a date just to get a free meal.
    I buy clothing from retailers that probably use sweatshops.
    I buy clothing from retailers that probably use sweatshops and I don't really care.
    I've purchased a pair of TOMS, but not because of the charity aspect. Just because they were cute.
    I've purchased overpriced vinyl at Whole Foods.
    I am a DJ at my local Whole Foods.
    I've littered.
    I've refused to change seats on an airplane so a family could sit together.
    I've come into work sick and gotten everyone else sick.
    I'm fairly impatient.
    Or REALLY impatient.
    I've once judged someone by the car they drive.
    I always judge someone by the car they drive.
    I don't really care what happens to...whatever person the thing is going to happen to.
    I have farted in an elevator.
    I have pressed the close button on an elevator when I knew someone was running to catch it.
    I have knowingly taken someone's yogurt from the fridge at work.
    I get mad at old people for walking too slow.
    I've sometimes thrown good clothes away that could have gone to Goodwill.
    I always throw old clothes in the trash.
    I've thought about volunteering, but didn't want to give up my Netflix/spin class/drinking time.
    I've lied about being sick in order to get out of a good friend's birthday party I just didn't want to deal with.
    I've glared at a crying baby.
    I've yelled at someone for texting while driving when really I do it ALL THE TIME.
    I've gone out of my way to step on an insect.
    I've talked about a friend behind his/her back.
    I've slut-shamed someone.
    I've catcalled someone.
    I've taken a message for someone and not given it to them.
    I've talked about someone behind their back while having a Gchat conversation with them.
    I've laughed at someone else's pain.
    I've gone ahead and watched an entire series when I was watching it with my partner.
    I've called someone fat.
    I am still on a dating website even though I am in a relationship.
    I've cheated on someone.

Are You A Bad Person?

You, my friend, are a wee little angel. Anything "bad" you do is really more easily categorized as mischievous. If anything, you're what you might call a "little devil."

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You've got an inner Regina George, don't you? But see, you're a really talented bad person, because you can get away with things and people still like you.

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