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A Young Leonardo DiCaprio Was On An Incredibly Awkward Game Show

When Leo was 16, he experienced the triumphs and failures of the kids' game show, Fun House. In Godzilla costumes. With pies. Truth.

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In 1990, a 16-year-old Leonardo appeared as a celebrity contestant on the game show Fun House.

He was known back then for his role as Garry Buckman on Parenthood. Look at that smile as he joins the Gold Team.

For the first competition, the boys don superhero shirts with large F's on them. Their partners must then throw "schmutz boms," aiming to explode on their chests.

Unfortunately, the Red Team wins this round. It's OK, Leo. You'll get 'em next time.


Next up, something called "the four-headed sewer sludge snake" in which all four contestants' ankles are bound together and they must pass balls mouth-to-mouth. Oh HELL yes.


See the full episode here:

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