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14 Things You Didn't Know About "Labyrinth"

This was no easy movie to make.

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3. While the voice of the Wiseman was done by another actor, Frank Oz was the Wiseman's puppeteer. This guy has also voiced the most famous Muppet characters.

Not only has Oz voiced Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Bert, Grover, and the Cookie Monster over the years, he also voiced Yoda!


9. When Sarah retreats to her room and opens the scrapbook dedicated to her actress mother, this news clipping features a picture of David Bowie.

Kind of messed up, no? In some other storyline, could Jareth have been in love with both the mom and the daughter?

10. It took Jim Henson and the writers forever to settle on the story.

The script apparently went through about 25 re-writes and was a very different film for at least two of them. The idea for Labyrinth was born in 1983 and the movie came out in 1986.

13. Jane Krakowski aka Jenna Maroney of 30 Rock fame was one of the actresses who came close to landing the role of Sarah, which ultimately went to Jennifer Connelly.

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A few others who were also considered: Sarah Jessica Parker, Ally Sheedy, Marisa Tomei, and Helena Bonham Carter (?!).