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10 Irreconcilable Differences Between "Clueless" The TV Show And The Movie

The TV version of Clueless — airing between 1996 and 1999 — was the Polaroid of imperfection.

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4. Oh, BTW. Paul Rudd made a guest appearance, but not as Josh?! What???

In the episode "I Got You Babe," Paul Rudd does not play Josh, but instead plays a love interest to Cher named "Sonny." And he wears a leather jacket. And he wears a necklace. And I'm now really sad about all of this.


Tai's adorable style is no longer; in the show her look could be described as Hooverville Raver.

In the first episode, Cher introduces Tai as "my friend from New York. I keep trying to make her over, but she keeps falling back apart." After all of Original Cher's hard work, Tai has been reduced to a ratty club kid unfamiliar with the rules of self-tanner.