10 Irreconcilable Differences Between "Clueless" The TV Show And The Movie

    The TV version of Clueless — airing between 1996 and 1999 — was the Polaroid of imperfection.

    1. In the movie, Cher demonstrated sartorial bravado and had wittily worded life philosophies.

    In the show, she was replaced by some chick named Rachel Blanchard. Their only similarities being that they were both blondes.

    2. In the movie, Cher and Dionne's coordinated outfits were AWESOME.

    In the show, they started shopping in the Macy's juniors department.

    3. Movie Josh. Squeeeee. Paul Rudd 4 lyfe.

    Here is TV "Josh." We don't like him.

    4. Oh, BTW. Paul Rudd made a guest appearance, but not as Josh?! What???

    5. Thanks to Cher's amazing makeover skills, Tai becomes an adorable Betty.

    Tai's adorable style is no longer; in the show her look could be described as Hooverville Raver.

    6. Movie Murray: You were legitimately cool.

    TV Murray: I'm really sorry about the person who made you wear this plastic belt for a promo shoot. You deserve better.

    7. Original Cher and Original Dee kept their hair relatively sane.

    Their TV hair was pure insanity.

    8. Christian. Suave. Classy. Gay. Definitely not skeezy.

    This is not Christian. But is supposed to be like Christian? His facial hair is deeply upsetting.

    9. Dionne and Murray easily won cutest class couple.

    They're still together in the TV version, however I fail to believe Dee would allow him to wear this hat.

    10. Original Amber, aka Crazypants McGee.

    TV Amber: Actually...kind of the same.