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    Posted on 2 Feb 2015

    This 1970s Kollywood Dance-And-Fight Sequence Is A Beautiful (And Hilarious) Work Of Art

    The first rule of Kollywood fight club is: You do not talk about how long it took you to learn the steps.

    There have been some pretty intense fight sequences in Indian Cinema...

    But what makes this fight sequence from the 1970's tamil film Kaalam Vellum the greatest of them all? Is it the slammin' Karate Chops?

    Rajshri Video / Via

    Down, Bessie.

    Or is it the gravity defying punches?

    Rajshri Video / Via

    Neither. It's the dancing. THE DANCING.

    Rajshri Video / Via

    What is Kung Fu when compared to Contemporary Dance?


    Rajshri Video / Via

    Watch the greatest, most epic dance-off that has ever happened in world cinema, ever.

    View this video on YouTube

    Rajshri Video / Via

    You're all welcome.

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