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20 Joys And Struggles Of Growing Up With South Indian Parents

Parents: Those people you live with when you aren't at cricket coaching, Bharatanatyam class, tuitions, badminton training, Carnatic music practice, or school.

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1. This is pretty much every text you get after sundown.

Lavanya Mohan

The rule: You must text every 15 minutes after 10p.m., every 5 minutes after 10:30p.m., every 2 minutes after 11, and every 10 seconds after 11:30p.m. (not including the three million phone calls in between).

4. But now that you're too old to be joining them on vacations, they go to exotic places.

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"Amma and I going to the Maldives this summer"

"Ooh, can I come?"

"But kanna, shouldn't you be focussing on your career?"


7. And when you weren't with your books, you were either in cricket coaching, or Bharatanatyam class, or Carnatic music training, or badminton, or... You get the picture.


9. Dating was a serious challenge because it's impossible to find someone who matches your parents' standards.

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If he/she isn't a charming Ph.D who makes truckloads of money while also being a best selling author, why are you even wasting your time?