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    18 #YoMamaSoCanadian Jokes That Are So Delightfully Wholesome

    #YoMamaSoCanadian that she's a nice lady.

    On Friday, @SamAUAG started a hashtag that could have gone terribly wrong.

    Time to play #YoMamaSoCanadian with Hashing With Hosers!

    1. Yet it went wonderfully right.

    2. Obviously, "your mama" jokes are traditionally insulting.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian she sends "you're welcome" cards in response to "thank you" notes.

    3. But instead #YoMamaSoCanadian turned into something so wholesome.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian She apologized to a store mannequin for bumping into it.

    4. So kind.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian it makes her a thoroughly likeable person. Give your mother my best reguards, eh?


    #YoMamaSoCanadian she's very polite and I like her alot

    6. So sweet.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian that she... you know what, I'm sorry, it just wouldn't be polite to finish that. Want anything from Tim's?


    #YoMamaSoCanadian She's so nice and pleasant to be around, and her poutine is out of this world!

    8. Apparently the world just can't bring itself to insult a Canadian mother.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian she told herself off for forgetting to tell herself off


    #yomamasocanadian I can't think of anything mean to say about her because she's so god damn sweet.

    10. Because Canadian moms just want to make sure you're having a nice day.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian she's really quite nice and baked me some lovely muffins


    #YoMamaSoCanadian she parks her car in the back of the lot to allow everyone else a closer spot

    12. And that you're safe.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian she stays with the last kid at practice to make sure he gets home safe.

    13. And that your tummy is warm.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian , when she sits around the house... she keeps a warm pot of tea on the table in case a friend or neighbor stops by.

    14. Thank you, Canadian moms, for being so gracious.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian she sends a thank you note with the hydro payment.


    #yomamasocanadian she thanks a police officer for a ticket

    16. And for not even being mad about this hashtag.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian That she will politely thank you for explaining the joke to her.


    #YoMamaSoCanadian I insulted her in this hashtag game, and SHE apologized to ME.

    18. Stay pure, Canada.

    #YoMamaSoCanadian that all her "yo mama" jokes are actually polite compliments about your lovely mother

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