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    This Guy Who Put On An Ebola Protection Suit Before Helping A Skunk Is All Of Us


    Paramedic Justin Mausz was having a typical shift on Sunday when he came across a skunk with a cup stuck on its lil' head.

    An earlier video of our "Patient", the poor thing was bumping into walls when we found it. @Peel_Paramedics

    The poor little stinker kept running into things as it frantically scooted about.

    Mausz wanted to help, but he also didn't want to spend the rest of the day smelling like skunk spray. Thankfully, paramedics have access to biohazard suits.

    Suits like these are used when dealing with patients with, for example, Ebola.

    Even with the suit Mausz was verrrry careful as he approached the skunk, slowly inching toward it before grabbing the cup and freeing the critter.

    Our 'Rescue' this morning: a skunk with a cup stuck on its head @Peel_Paramedics help all sorts of "Patients"

    Although the skunk did make an attempt at spraying the Ontario paramedic, Mausz managed to dodge it.

    @WpgMootz I managed to dodge a spray earlier, fortunately the skunk couldn't see me! I could stay out of the line of fire

    "Peel Paramedics help all sorts of 'patients,'" Mausz tweeted.