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This Guy Who Put On An Ebola Protection Suit Before Helping A Skunk Is All Of Us


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Paramedic Justin Mausz was having a typical shift on Sunday when he came across a skunk with a cup stuck on its lil' head.

An earlier video of our "Patient", the poor thing was bumping into walls when we found it. @Peel_Paramedics


Even with the suit Mausz was verrrry careful as he approached the skunk, slowly inching toward it before grabbing the cup and freeing the critter.

Our 'Rescue' this morning: a skunk with a cup stuck on its head @Peel_Paramedics help all sorts of "Patients"

Although the skunk did make an attempt at spraying the Ontario paramedic, Mausz managed to dodge it.

@WpgMootz I managed to dodge a spray earlier, fortunately the skunk couldn't see me! I could stay out of the line of fire