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This Guy Keeps Bringing Bigger And Bigger Snacks To Baseball Games And Just Outdid Himself With A Charcuterie Board

An inspiration, tbh.

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Goldsbie is a sports fan and co-hosts a podcast called Sportsfeld. So while it's not out of the ordinary to see him at a Blue Jays game, his snacks are pretty extraordinary.

Although it doesn't seem to be widely known in Toronto, fans are more than welcome to bring their own food into the Rogers Centre for baseball games.

Like, a whole pizza, as Goldsbie did back in June.

Or, if you're serious, how about six and a half pounds of chicken wings?


Or a whole burrito, tucked in a bag, which probably made that security guard question his entire purpose in life.

SECURITY GUARD: What's in the bag? ME: A burrito SECURITY GUARD: R-really?

It had all been pretty impressive, especially considering most people at a Jays game settle for an overpriced hot dog or nachos. But then in August he topped it all in the most spectacular way.

That right there is a full charcuterie board — complete with bread, cheese, cured meat, and mustard — perched majestically above right field.

Honestly, if you're not making a charcuterie board at a baseball game, what are you even doing with your life?