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This Woman Forgot About Her Boiling Menstrual Cup And This Is What Happened

"It looked like someone had left a flaming bag of shit on my doorstep."

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Many period-havers have embraced menstrual cups, such as the Diva Cup, as a reusable alternative to pads and tampons. All they need is a quick boil between periods to keep them clean.

Anjuli, a 29-year-old Toronto woman who didn't want her last name used, had the unfortunate experience of forgetting about her boiling Diva Cup.


"I always drag my feet about doing it so earlier today I set it to boil while warming up some stew on the stove in an attempt to multitask," Anjuli told BuzzFeed Canada.

After eating, her dad called and she got distracted.


"When I walked into the kitchen, it looked like someone had left a flaming bag of shit on my doorstep," Anjuli said. "A flaccid, blue flame."

The worst part was the mysterious "greasy, black ash" that had spread across the both the pot and her kitchen and "lodged itself within the hairs of my nostrils, eyelashes, and eyebrows," she said.

Although her results were particularly horrific, Anjuli is far from the first person to ruin a Diva Cup on their stove.

You boil your diva cup after ur cycle...I forgot about it and it burned!! anyone in America wanna send me one?dont make me use a tampon


i burned my diva cup lol can i still use it

ALERT ALERT I just burnt my Diva Cup trying to sterilize it!!! I AM NO LONGER A DIVA!!!!

Someone on the trading group offered Anjuli a beer for the burnt cup, but she decided to throw it out instead.

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