This Kid Was Used As A Pawn In A Woman's Plot To Meet James Franco

    Pretty smart, tbh.

    James Franco has been in Guelph, Ont. shooting a new movie and the town has come down with a serious fever — #FrancoFever.

    A number of people in the Ward pose for a photo with James Franco on Wednesday. Guelph still feeling #Francofever.

    On Tuesday, the actor shared this adorable photo of him posing with this adorable #FrancoFever kid and his adorable lemonade stand.

    Well turns out this was actually the work of an adult Franco fan. The boy's mother, in fact.

    After getting nothing but a couple of fleeting glances of the actor, she decided to craft a surefire plan.

    The next day, she set up the lemonade stand near the set with her four-year-old son ready to lure the actor in, the Guelph Mercury reported.

    Not long after she and her son set up shop my phone buzzed with another text message from her. Once again a photo of Franco appears, only this time he is kneeling in front of the lemonade stand, posing for a photo with her son. And if that wasn't enough, Franco himself then posted the photo on Instagram for all his fans to see.

    Well done, anonymous Franco fan. Well done.