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The Terrible Reason Why The Sunsets In The Northwest Territories Have Been So Spectacular Lately

Sometimes nature makes its own filters.

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The sunsets in the Northwest Territories are even more beautiful than usual this week.

Unfortunately, it's due to a rash of forest fires in Canada's northwest.

Photographers have also noticed the drifting smoke's affect during sunrises and sunsets.

According to the Weather Network, all those extra particles in the air act as a filter, enhancing red and orange hues when the sun is closer to the horizon.

And with the Midnight Sun in full swing, the affect is even more noticeable as the sun lingers above the horizon.

Even when the sun is higher, the world is awash in a sea of peaches and pinks.

2014 was the worst fire season the NWT had seen in 30 years, according to CBC News.

And 2015 isn't expected to be any better.

While that means more of this... also means more of this.

Stay safe!