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    Paris Geller In The "Gilmore Girls" Revival Is Your Ultimate Queer Crush

    Spoilers and heartache ahead.

    Let's just get the ~facts~ out of the way. Paris Geller has had relationships with only men on Gilmore Girls.

    But that has never stopped queer girls from hoping she'd one day date a woman, or from shipping the hell out of Paris/Rory.

    It's just something we feel in our bones, okay?

    And, oh my god, the Netflix revival has only made it worse.

    Paris has always been a queer-fan favorite, but in the revival she's the boss-ass bitch–power (non-)lesbian of our dreams.

    Basically, she's now Bette Porter reincarnated.

    Thank you Gilmore Girls for all the David Lynch crossovers and for turning Paris Geller into a power lesbian.

    And we are here for it.

    paris geller grew up to be the lesbian of my dreams. #gilmoregirls


    And that door kick. 😍

    It's just all too much.

    HOW πŸ‘ IS πŸ‘ PARIS πŸ‘ GELLER πŸ‘ NOT πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ LESBIAN

    But the beauty of fandom is we don't have to abide by the canon.

    the scene where paris geller becomes the first lesbian president of the united states was pretty amazing though

    wow i can't believe paris geller is a lesbian and her and rory are in a relationship, beautiful

    We'll remember the ending how we want to, thanks.

    There's still time, Netflix. We'll be waiting.

    Paris Geller post-divorce lesbian-realisation spin-off series, please and thank you.