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    People Are Super Pissed At CBC For Spoiling The "Game Of Thrones" Finale


    If you haven't seen the season finale of Game of Thrones, you need to stop reading. Like, right now.

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    Cool? Cool.

    Last night, Game of Thrones fans witnessed the mutinous murder of the show's most beloved knows-nothing-at-all character: Jon Snow.


    By the old gods and the new, it was pretty goddamn tragic.

    For those who haven't watched yet, the internet is a minefield of spoilers. Even our national broadcaster isn't safe.


    Even though CBC kept their headline pretty vague — "'I'm dead. I'm not coming back': Game of Thrones actor confirms character's death is final" — people were pretty upset.


    @CBCNews Spoiler alert?! Not cool, CBC. Tweet that stuff without images.

    (Neither of the characters pictured died... probably).

    @YourCBCtv @CBC The spoiler warning is posted inside the link, however, the morons over there give away the ending in the freaking link.

    @CBCNews Thanks for the spoil you bunch of jerks. Seriously?

    @CBCNews Just when I thought your journalism standards couldn't sink any lower, you decide to start tweeting out spoilers? So lame. #Spoiler

    This guy got into a little spat with CBC arts reporter Eli Glasner.

    @evil_scott @CBC We warned you, but how can you possibly be on twitter and not see all the reaction/spoilers?

    But don't worry, they solved it like Canadians.

    @glasneronfilm @CBC It happens man. It's TV. I will somehow make it. *studious bow*

    The lesson here? If you want to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers, you need to stay far away from the internet.

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