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These Canadian Kids Welcoming Refugees Will Make You Feel All The Feels

No, you're crying.

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Canadians have been exceptionally cool as the first batch of a promised 25,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Toronto. But now there's a video that's going to make you sob like a big, happy baby.


World Vision Canada has released a video showing a whole bunch Canadian kids welcoming Syrian refugees to their new country. And it'll make your cold heart turn into an oozing pile of feels.

World Vision Canada / Via

These kids want refugees to know they're welcome here.

World Vision Canada / Via

And that they won't be alone.

World Vision Canada / Via

"We're so glad to have you here!"

World Vision Canada / Via


World Vision Canada / Via

Watch the full video. Then hug a loved one and weep about how beautiful the world can be when we try just a little bit harder.

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