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This Rescued Baby Bunny And Pigeon Can't Stop Snuggling

Can I get in on this?

This precious pair is Pidg, the pigeon, and Bunny, the bunny. They arrived at the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit separately as orphans, but now they're an unlikely little family.

Bunny was the first to arrive at the wildlife rescue, located in Ireland. He was tiny, weak, and so young the umbilical cord was still attached. "We honestly didn't expect him to make it. But he did," the foundation said in a Facebook video.

Two weeks later, they took in Pidg, a newly-hatched chick that had been found in a fallen nest. The foundation only had one incubator, so they put both babies in with a divider to separate them.

But the animals had a better idea. A foster carer checked in on them and found that the divider was down and Bunny and Pidg were happily snuggled together.

"Ever since, they have curled straight up together after every feed," the foundation said. "The comfort of two heartbeats together, of companionship, has crossed the species divide."

Now they're growing healthier and older together as inseparable pals.

Facebook: video.php

Pidg seems a bit confused now that Bunny has learned he can jump.

Facebook: video.php

But Bunny always comes back for some grooming and tweets.

Both buds will eventually be released back into the wild to make it on their own. But, for now, they have each other.

Ann Dillon/Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit / Via Facebook: 267133126640711