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People Demanded Answers After A University Bought 372 Cans Of No Name Cat Food

A mystery revealed, a campus captivated.

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Over the weekend, someone noticed that Dalhousie University in Halifax had purchased an ungodly amount of cat food.

lol this large cart of no name brand beef cat food is marked "Dalhousie" enjoy your meal plan Dal students

That's 372 jumbo cans of No Name beef- and seafood-flavoured cat food. Over 232 kilograms. Why, Dalhousie, why?

Allison Sparling/Twitter
Allison Sparling/Twitter

Was the kitty food bound for the cafeteria?

@Allisomething Should have gone to McGill where you get Fancy Feast.

Had the school obtained an actual feline to be the school's mascot?

@Allisomething it's for the dalhousie tiger

One group of intrepid student journalists was determined to find out.

After seeing the photos on social media, Jesse Ward, editor-in-chief of the Dalhousie Gazette, recognized the backdrop as the Atlantic Superstore in Halifax's North End.

In an interview with News957, Ward said a manager confirmed the chow was indeed for Dalhousie. But for whom?

The next morning he went around campus questioning different departments to see if anyone had recently ordered an entire pallet of cat food. Still, nothing.

"People looked shocked. They weren't sure about what Dalhousie would be doing with so much cat food," Ward told News957.

Even Dal's president, Richard Florizone, appeared puzzled.

(Or disinterested, either way.)

The mystery deepened again with a photo showing the cans' "final undisclosed location."

@DalGazette the final undisclosed destination.

Finally, on Monday afternoon: a break in the case.

Response from Dal communications: "The cat food is used to feed cats that are being used for behavioural research at the University."

In a follow-up story, the Gazette reported the food is for cats being used for "behavioural research" involving amblyopia, an eye condition.

But questions remain. How many cats? And why such low-grade food?

Ward told News957 the answers are coming. Eventually.

"Our resources are maybe going to be stretched by some more important issues over the next few weeks," he said.

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