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Drop Everything Because It’s Fat Squirrel Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Break out the champagne and embrace your fellow humans, because it's now officially the best time of the year.

And no, not the ~holidays~ or whatever. It's motherfuckin' Fat Squirrel Season.

We have finally reached that most magical season when once-sleek squirrels turn into little chubby bundles of heart-bursting joy.

Just look at this little pudgy tummy.

literally wtf how does a squirrel become this fat

And these polite little paws.

Is this a squirrel or a furry sphere with a tail? It is both. And it is the best.

It's fat squirrel season. I love fat squirrel season.

Don't you just want to stick your face right in its fuzzy, plump belly?

You do. I know you do.

This is a how fat a squirrel must be to survive the winter in Colorado.

They aren't just getting fat to make you go "squee!" though. Tree squirrels don't hibernate, so they make a nice layer of fat and grow thicker fur to stay warm in the winter.

And thank goodness they do.

Because it makes winter a whole lot cuter.