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    This Guy Got Burnt To A Crisp By A Spelling Bee Account On Twitter


    The Scripps Spelling Bee is a *high pressure* situation for contestants, which is why there's a "crying couch" backstage to give those eliminated a chance to compose themselves.

    A fellow who goes by Kyle Chapman, however, thinks kids should just "suck it up" and Scripps should "quit teaching kids it's okay to loose." Loose.

    And Scripps' reply? The purest, most ferocious, most mercilessly simple response possible:

    Damn, Scripps.

    Kyle Chapman's account has since been deleted and he has presumably reported to a local burn ward.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone. If you're going to troll a spelling bee, you'd best make sure your spelling is flawless.

    @ScrippsBee @themotherfanboy hello 911 yes I'd like to report a FUCKING MURDER

    you come at spelling bee Twitter you better not miss

    @ScrippsBee @kchapman_88 #spellingbee #burn

    But was Scripps done there? No, it was fuckin' not.

    Hope they both have a couch to cry on.