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There Is Such A Thing As Bunny Yoga And It Is Incredibly Cute

Name one thing that couldn't be improved by bunnies. I dare you.

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Sunberry Fitness in Richmond, British Columbia, recently hosted its second bunny yoga class. It sold out in three days and has a massive waiting list.

Sunberry Fitness

The studio partnered with Bandaids For Bunnies, a local rabbit rescue, who supplied the buns.

The idea was first brought up last year by one of the studio's students who volunteered with Bandaids For Bunnies.

"She said it as a joke but we actually took it really seriously," Julia Zu, owner of Sunberry, told BuzzFeed Canada.


But don't fear, you still have a chance to reach inner, cottontailed peace. Zu is planning another event for spring, just in time for Easter.

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