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These Two Were The Cutest Part Of Trudeau's Swearing-In Ceremony

All songs should end in giggles.

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On Wednesday, Canada's new cabinet was sworn in but amid all the pomp and ceremony, two ministers weren't properly recognized: the new Ministers of Cute.

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Meet Samantha Metcalfe and Cailyn Degrandpre, two Inuit girls who performed traditional throatsinging to kick off the event.

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Throatsinging is like a musical competition. The song ends when one of the two women or girls performing collapses into laughter. Or in the case of Metcalfe and Degrandpre, an infectious fit of giggles.

Naturally, they stole the show.

The #throatsingers at the #swearingin were absolutely adorable!

ADORABLE #throatsingers at the #SwearingIn! What a cute and humbling moment

Inuit Throat singers..... cutest thing ever! .... #PM23

Governor General David Johnston — aka Deputy Minister of Cute — loved it, too.

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Just look at him 😍

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