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12 Reasons Why Newfoundland Is The Best Place To Celebrate St. Paddy's Day

Other than, you know, Ireland.

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1. Newfoundland takes St. Patrick's Day so seriously that they've made it a public holiday.

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The only other places that do that are the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the British territory Montserrat. Literally it's Ireland and Newfoundland. It's serious.

In Newfoundland, it's observed on the closest Monday before March 17. So basically you might have a perfect excuse to celebrate twice.

2. It's literally the closest place in North America to Ireland.

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Cape Spear, near St. John's, is the eastern most point in North America, and therefore the shortest distance from Ireland.

Which seems like as good a reason as any.


5. We're talking like six days minimum.

6. But it totally makes sense, since Newfoundlanders are basically Irish.

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The accents, the seaside charm, the love of a good ol' boiled dinner...

7. And many of them are actually Irish.

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Newfoundland has a rich Irish heritage and many Newfoundlanders are descendants of those settlers. Which is more than everyone in the rest of Canada claiming their great-great grandma was probably Irish can say.


11. Plus St. John's make it stupidly easy to barhop. George Street boasts the most bars and pubs per square foot in North America so you aren't barhopping so much as stumbling another 10 feet.

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And yes, a lot of those places are Irish pubs.

12. And lastly, for whatever it's worth, Newfoundland dogs look really cute in green bowties.

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