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    9 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The New Season Of “Carmilla”

    Natasha and Elise gave us the deets and they're delicious. Spoiler alert!

    Your favourite queer vampire series is almost back! Carmilla Season 3 has wrapped up filming and Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis gave us a sneak peek at what to expect.

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    It's about to get pretty juicy. Are you ready? I might not be ready.

    1. We're finally going to meet Laura's dad...

    Jasper Savage/Smokebomb

    2. And he's played by Enrico Colantoni, aka Veronica Mars' dad!

    Jasper Savage/Smokebomb

    You might also know him from Flashpoint, but it's way more fun to think that Veronica Mars and Laura are some kind of secret sisters.

    "Laura’s always talked about her overprotective dad and you get to see that and peer into the telescope of her growing-up life," Bauman told BuzzFeed.

    "[Colantoni] was so, so lovely and made Laura’s dad so endearing as well," added Negovanlis.

    3. This season will be released in three parts, so you can binge-watch like the good TV lord intended.

    Jasper Savage/Smokebomb

    This is a big change from Season 1 and 2! Three is being treated like a Shakespeare play with three acts, so a big chunk of episodes will be released in three parts.

    Act I will drop Sept. 15, followed by Act II on Sept. 29 and the final act will be released on Oct. 13. They'll always show up on the KindaTV YouTube channel.

    4. This may just be the queerest season ever.

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    Carmilla has always featured LGBT characters and romance, but the show doesn't make a big deal about it. But this season that's changing.

    "It’s always been the normalcy in the school, which is so fantastic, but this year it’s really talked about," said Bauman.

    Like, they're actually going to use the word "lesbian." (!!)

    "Now we’re really unabashedly a queer show," said Negovanlis.

    5. And the same goes for LaF, aka LaFontaine, a non-binary character and voice of reason played by Kaitlyn Alexander.

    On the way to day one! @carmillaseries #letslafongo

    "I love LaF's storyline this year, it’s one of my fave parts of the season," said Bauman. "We really get a deeper understanding of why they are the way they are and their own journey in the world."

    "It’s really neat to see this [non-binary] character be super amazing and heroic," added Negovanlis.

    In fact, they said we're going to get a deeper look at all the characters, so expect some emotional screentime with all your faves.

    6. This season is going to be even more ~magical~ than usual, too, starting with the set.

    Jasper Savage/Smokebomb

    As usual, this season is shot using a single set, but it's bigger and better than ever. This time around it's Silas University's library.

    "We sort of feel like it became a character of its own," said Negovanlis. "It’s very Harry Potter-esque."

    Whereas in previous seasons a lot of the fantasy elements happened off-screen, you'll actually some action.

    "I think you get to see more of the magic this year. It’s always been talked about in reference but you get to experience it as a viewer," said Bauman.

    7. But also there's going to be more literal action.

    Jasper Savage/Smokebomb

    "We did learn how to fight," said Negovanlis. "I can tell you that I have some real-life bruises."

    "There are some very cool battles that happen, there’s definitely a lot to learn about good vs. evil that may be surprising to some," she added. Cryptic!

    We'll also find out why the sword didn't work on the dean. 😮

    8. And there's gonna be feels. So many feels.

    Jasper Savage/Smokebomb

    Season 3 picks up a few weeks after the events of Season 2, so things are going to be tense.

    "There’s a rollercoaster of emotions we can expect to go through this year," said Negovanlis. "As you can imagine, being stuck with your ex in a small space can bring out a lot of feelings."

    "There was definitely a lot of epic crazy stuff that happened at the end of Season 2 and a lot of betrayal and trust lost," said Bauman.

    "Season 1 was all about falling deeply in love all of a sudden, and then Season 2 was about what happens when you see things you don’t like about the other person," she added. "Season 3 is about accepting the person and it’s just about a deeper level of love I think."

    9. Finally, Bauman and Negovanlis refused to tell us if Laura and Carmilla work things out. But we were sent this photo from set (so draw your own conclusions).

    Jasper Savage/Smokebomb

    My conclusion is: 💀.

    See you on Sept. 15, Creampuffs!