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This Baby Looked So Adorably Betrayed After Watching Her Parents Kiss

The sweetest betrayal.

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Matt and Krissy had been doing their normal bedtime routine — a kiss from each of them on Ella's cheek — which she usually loves.

Matt Hanneken

"But this one particular night, it was really late at night, she was way tired," said Matt. "And we did it and she looked at us like, 'what did you just do?!'"

"Every time we’d done it before she was all smiles, all giggles."


Don't worry, she got plenty of kisses and hugs too.

Matt Hanneken

It ended up being a one-off thing, and Ella hasn't gotten fussy over kisses since. The video, meanwhile, has blown up. They watched the views on Facebook soar into the millions.

"Most everybody just says she’s the most adorable little baby," said Matt.

"It's funny how people relate to it. We see so many people that say, that’s just like my daughter, that’s just like my son, that’s just like my dog."

"All of our children are just awesome little kids," he added. "It just happened to be that this little one was having an off night."

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