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    A Shaving Company Took Down A Facebook Image That Was About Dicks Or Something

    Maybe it's about shaving dicks?

    Schick Hydro Canada's Facebook page recently shared an image that their audience seemed to love but that I still do not understand.

    Here's what I do understand: this has something to do with penises.

    Get it? Like, "shaft." And "vitamin D," like, the D. The dick.

    And you're giving it to "summer" and that model has a lazily photoshopped necklace that says "Summer."

    So you're giving Summer your dick. How clever!

    But I'm still a bit confused. Like, isn't it summer that provides vitamin D? Can a dick provide the vitamin D absorption of midday sunshine?

    And what did all this have to do with hair removal?

    Whatever it meant, the men who commented found it very funny because it spoke to their dicky desires as dick-having men. They were also very concerned about ~feminists~ coming to take away their fun.

    But even the commenters were at least a bit baffled about the image they were so adamantly praising and sharing.

    In search of clarification, I sent this in an email to Schick's parent company, Edgewell:

    I think I'm not the only one a bit confused by the message. I understand "the d" reference, but I'm sort of lost on the shaft bit and the giving vitamin D bit — doesn't summer give US vitamin D? And what does this have to do with hair removal? Would love to have you walk us through it!

    A day later, Edgewell's public relations rep informed us they had removed the image.

    "As you noted, we are getting a lot of comments on this post and some of them are very fair. It was never our intent to cause confusion or offence, so we have taken the post down," said spokesperson Falan Hamilton in an email.

    I guess we'll just never know.

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