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This Couple Had An Incredible Encounter With A Car-Licking Moose

"It just walked over to our car and had its way."

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"We saw it on the side of the road so we stopped and waited," Malan told BuzzFeed Canada. They watched it lick another parked car, "then it just walked over to our car and had its way."

"Theresa freaked out a little bit and I’ll admit I had a moment where I was like 'oh no,'" said CJ. "But after a short while you could tell he wasn’t interested in us at all."

Facebook: video.php

CJ and Theresa sat in their car for 30 minutes while the moose went to town, licking up the road salt residue on the car. All they could do was watch.

Facebook: video.php

Having only moved to Alberta nine months ago from South Africa, it was an especially spectacular Canadian moment for CJ.

"It was unbelievable, honestly," said CJ.

Theresa Malan

The couple was able to drive off after the moose finished up, leaving them with a some amazing video footage and a slightly cleaner car.

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