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    Just A Reminder That "6teen" Had The Chillest Queer Subplot Way Back In 2010

    Why is this so hard.

    Remember 6teen? Well you should, because it was a bomb-ass '00s cartoon that accurately captured the importance of local malls to the teenage experience.


    But what you should also remember is that in a world where TV shows are still shitty to queer women, 6teen had a great lesbian subplot back in 2010.

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    Let's review.

    It was Season 4, Episode 11. The mall was hosting a Sadie Hawkins dance where the girls have to ask the guys out. Jonesy is of course waiting for Nikki to pop the question

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    But she's too busy with her new friend, Jean.

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    They bond over making fun of their coworkers at Khaki Barn and over their love of travel.

    Jean's haircut alone should tell you where this is going.

    Nikki gushes about Jean to her friends and buys her lunch. Jean gives Nikki a heartfelt gift. Basically it's a classic romcom setup.

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    Everyone notices the will-they-or-won't-they vibe, except for Nikki. But her friends don't make fun of her, they don't make guesses about Jean's sexuality, they just call it like it is.

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    And when Nikki starts poking around to see what's up with Jean, it's Nikki who gets put in her place.

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    "Nik, if you're trying to find out if I'm gay, it's okay to just ask," Jean tells her. "Yes I'm into girls, and I"m really flattered, but I already have a date for the dance tonight."

    And that's that.

    Nikki doesn't start defending her heterosexuality. In fact she doesn't even mention her orientation.

    No lesbians die.

    No gay jokes are made.

    And the two are still friends.

    If anything, Nikki just likes her friend even more.

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    Later we even get to see Jean and her date at the dance looking fly as fuck. Wasn't that easy?

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