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    People Feel Very Weird About This Justin Trudeau Calendar

    Ok but why.

    For some unholy reason, you can now buy a Justin Trudeau calendar called "My Canadian Boyfriend."

    It's for sale on Amazon US for $12.98 and features 12 images of Trudeau existing and occasionally being shirtless.

    The "customers who bought this also bought" section includes a mug that says "HOT AF" over Trudeau's face.

    The immediate question that springs to mind is, obviously, for the love of all things good and pure, why, oh god why?

    They've also been spotted in America IRL.

    Oh gosh look what I found in Buffalo today! A @JustinTrudeau calendar #HamOnt

    Who did this.

    Justin time for Xmas: the @JustinTrudeau, 'my boyfriend' calendar. I suspect even Sophie would say "Eew."

    Who thought this was a thing the world needed.

    And, more importantly, who even still buys calendars?

    @jmbryden I just threw up a little in my mouth. Please tell me this is a hoax. Even if you have to lie, tell me it isn’t so.

    At least this person's 94-year-old mother will be happy.

    On the plus side, if anyone gets Conservative leader Andrew Scheer for secret Santa, they're covered.

    I NEED that @JustinTrudeau boyfriend calendar because ya know, he’s my boyfriend.