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This Couple’s Adorable Zelda Scavenger Hunt Turned Into An Even More Adorable Proposal

*cries because cute but also jealous*

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This is Ashley Cooper and Brandy Dawley, a Toronto couple who've been together for just over a year. And for their anniversary, Dawley planned a proposal that will warm your geeky little heart.

It all started on Saturday when Cooper showed up for lunch with a friend, only to be handed a giant bag of stuff.

Ashley Cooper

Inside was a Link dress and hat, a Hyrule shield backpack, leggings, and an umbrella.

A note told her to put it all on, because her journey was about to start.

Another note said, "You were supposed to have dinner with your princess tonight. But she has instead sent you on a quest to prove you are worthy of her love for another year!"

Ashley Cooper

She was told she had to meet four "keepers of the gate" and collect four stones to assemble the Triforce and complete the quest.

It all started at the restaurant where they'd first spent time together before a Prince concert, and the clue said to head over to the diner where they shared their first milkshake.


Yet another friend was waiting with the second stone, more Zelda swag, and the next clue.

And then onto the store where they bought their first thing as a couple after moving in together.

Ashley Cooper

And then finally, after five or so hours of running around the city, it was time for their dinner reservation, at the same restaurant as their first real date.


That's when she took out the ring and said, "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this."

Ashley Cooper

Cooper said yes, obviously.

"I was beaming," said Cooper. "It was the best. No one had ever gone through that much trouble for me before."

The night capped off with a surprise engagement party, complete with a perfectly themed cake.

Ashley Cooper

"She’s very thoughtful," said Cooper. "Usually not quite so grand, but she always goes out of her way to do things for other people."

That's what you call a keeper.