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    19 Signs It's Christmastime In Canada

    Come warm yer little Canuck hearts.

    1. When you get stuck behind a horse-drawn sleigh in the Tim Hortons drive-thru.

    Heading through the drive thru @TimHortons. Christmas in the Village - #Lakefield.

    2. When you break out the gingerbread Zamboni kit.

    3. When you catch your Elf On The Shelf doing a little ice fishing.

    Our #elfontheshelf is #icefishing for #goldfish #nicecatch #tbay

    4. When the lobster traps in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia are made into a Christmas tree.

    John Morris

    5. And Santa Claws (!) comes to town.

    John Morris

    6. When the CP Holiday train rolls through town.

    7. When the Tim Hortons cups change colour.

    8. When you start scrounging for every scrap of colourful clothing you can find.

    9. Because it's time for the Mummers to come out to play.

    10. When a Swiss Chalet Festive Special suddenly seems like a good idea.

    11. When visions of Nanaimo bars dance in our heads.

    Glc93 / Getty Images

    Nanaimo Bars

    12. When Santa goes for a casual scuba dive at the Vancouver Aquarium.

    Vancouver Aquarium / Via

    13. When you find yourself thirsting for this sexy Santa.


    14. When historic places look even more magical. Like Quebec City.

    15. Or Old Montreal.

    16. Or Toronto's Distillery District.

    17. When you mourn the loss of Canada's favourite Christmas songstress, Rita MacNeil.

    SFA Productions / Via

    18. When you start checking to see when the Trailer Park Boys Christmas special will be on TV.

    Trailer Park Boys

    19. And, finally, when you feel that annual sadness of realizing how much it will cost to fly home.

    Lee Mendelson Film Productions

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