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19 Signs It's Christmastime In Canada

Come warm yer little Canuck hearts.

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1. When you get stuck behind a horse-drawn sleigh in the Tim Hortons drive-thru.

Heading through the drive thru @TimHortons. Christmas in the Village - #Lakefield.

2. When you break out the gingerbread Zamboni kit.

3. When you catch your Elf On The Shelf doing a little ice fishing.

Our #elfontheshelf is #icefishing for #goldfish #nicecatch #tbay


6. When the CP Holiday train rolls through town.

Instagram: @scottie731

7. When the Tim Hortons cups change colour.

Instagram: @julieattack

8. When you start scrounging for every scrap of colourful clothing you can find.

Instagram: @krista

9. Because it's time for the Mummers to come out to play.

Instagram: @rampage_5

10. When a Swiss Chalet Festive Special suddenly seems like a good idea.

Instagram: @houseofcarat

14. When historic places look even more magical. Like Quebec City.

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16. Or Toronto's Distillery District.

Instagram: @liz_hawksworth