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    This Gigantic Whale's Gigantic Mouth Got REALLY Uncomfortably Close To A Boat

    Reminder: whales are REALLY BIG.

    It's hard to fully appreciate just how genuinely, butt-puckeringly massive whales are until one's close enough to swallow you whole.

    Just like this.

    The incredible footage was recorded by Eric Mouellic, a French tourist who was on a whale watching trip near Tadoussac, Quebec.

    He posted two videos of the encounter on YouTube, which also capture the frightened/delighted shrieks of his fellow passengers.

    View this video on YouTube

    He told CBC News that getting that close to the finback whale — the second-largest whale in the world — "was, in fact, magic."

    View this video on YouTube

    The whale, which was just grabbing a snack, was also polite enough not to disturb the tourists. Despite the very close encounter, it didn't touch the boat at all before swimming away underneath.

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