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    Here’s What It Looked Like When Fort McMurray Firefighters Sprung Into Action

    Heroes in action.

    We know that firefighters and other first responders did everything they could to save Fort McMurray, but one resident's home security camera provided a front-row view of their heroism.

    A video posted by the Edmonton Journal shows footage from a camera on oil field worker Ken Bell's home. As it begins, you can see smoke billowing from somewhere across the street as firefighters douse the porch with water.

    At one point a firefighter appears to run over with a bottle of water to put out a hot spot.

    Edmonton Journal / Via

    Soon firefighters are tearing into Bell's roof to tackle the growing flames.

    Edmonton Journal / Via

    “They’re amazing,” Bell told the Journal. "When you watch the video, and you see all the things they did to put the fire out and know where to look, it’s pretty impressive. They know what they’re doing.”

    Edmonton Journal / Via

    By the end of the video, Bell's porch is worse for wear but the fact that the camera is still working shows the their hard work paid off.

    Edmonton Journal / Via

    Watch the full video to see the firefighters in action.

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