This Drag Queen's Beyoncé Tribute Is Too Flawless For Words

    Bow down, bitches.

    Say hello to Sofonda Cox. The Toronto drag queen paid tribute to Beyoncé's "Lemonade" and you'd best gird your loins because it is FLAWLESS.

    She starts off with "Formation," channeling Bey's Southern Gothic feel.

    Then shit get's very real, very fast.

    The people around her can't even handle it.

    But she is not done. Far from it. She's got hot sauce in her bag.


    If you're still conscious at this point, Cox reminds us that she ain't sorry.

    BUT THERE'S MORE. Are you bowing down yet?

    I'm bowing down.

    Sofonda, a huge Beyoncé fan who's been doing drag for 16 years, told BuzzFeed Canada she was inspired after attending a Beyoncé concert.

    I do Beyoncé regularly so I had the outfits, I made them already, so I was like why don't we make a video," she said.

    The shoot was completed after six hours of running around the city making costume changes.

    Thank you for this blessing, Sofonda. We are not worthy. 🙌🏿🏾

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