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    Posted on Sep. 15, 2016

    People Are Dragging The Shit Out Of These Chateau Laurier Renovations

    "Let's just stack shipping containers and attach it to the side of a castle."

    The Château Laurier has been an iconic part of Ottawa's skyline for more than a century. It basically looks like a castle perched over the Rideau.

    Which is probably why locals are so very salty about a proposed expansion that, shall we say, is a more modern look. Like a spaceship.

    Ever think "I really wish that nice looking castle in my city had more of a spaceship aesthetic?" #ChateauLaurier

    Or stack of shipping containers.

    #ChateauLaurier design meeting: "Let's just stack shipping containers and attach it to the side of a castle."

    The reaction from Ottawa can be described thusly:


    People are having a very hard time understanding the design choice.

    Seeing the proposed design for the Chateau Laurier expansion for the first time. #DontDoIt

    "Ugly" seems to be a common descriptor.

    Really ugly and cheap, what happened to classy architecture, sad. City should never approve this crap #ChateauLaurier

    And the word "no" is being said a lot.

    @FairmontHotels No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, oh hell no! #ChateauLaurier

    Also "non." This is Ottawa, after all.

    A resounding hell "non!" to the redesign. #ChateauLaurier

    Even Ottawa's mayor, Jim Watson, doesn't seem to be on board.

    @jchianello this falls under the category "back to the drawing board!

    According to Larco Investments Ltd., which owns the hotel, the expansion will add long-term stay suites to the property.

    The firm also says the expansion fits in with the building's current look:

    The addition will offer a modern interpretation of the heritage character of the Château with a vocabulary of Indiana Limestone, glass and copper. The separated wings, massing and set back upper floors are compatible with the Château’s existing roofscape silhouette, providing a dignified and deferential response to this iconic building.

    But good luck finding someone on Twitter who agrees.

    Ottawa's #ChateauLaurier restoration if the hotel were a painting. #OttCity

    The Chateau posted on Facebook that they are reviewing the comments and appreciate "the passion in the community." Someone then showed that passion by calling the plans "fugly."

    But don't forget the real victim here — the feelings of the architect after checking Twitter.

    Live shot of the #ChateauLaurier architect:

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