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    This Is What Canada's New LGBTQ2 Special Adviser Is Facing In His New Role

    The government has also moved to erase Canada's anal sex laws.

    Alberta MP Randy Boissonnault is now the LGBTQ2 special adviser to the prime minister, and he's starting the role with a very full plate.

    “I am proud to say that in moving to repeal Section 159 of the Criminal Code today, the Government is addressing an issue that has been of concern to the LGBTQ2 community for many years," said Boissonnault in a statement.

    Deeply honoured to accept the appointment of Special Advisor to PM @JustinTrudeau on #LGBTQ2 issues. Offering a strong voice & an open ear.

    Boissonnault met with a group of LGBTQ2 activists prior to Trudeau's announcement.

    Was honoured to get to sit in a roundtable today with @R_Boissonnault and other advocates to discuss #lgbtq2 issues across the country.

    But this is just day one. Daily Xtra reported that two lawyers have filed class-action lawsuits seeking damages for the hundreds of Canadians pushed out of the military and the civil service for being LGBTQ2.

    The government announced in August that an apology was on its way for the men and women affected, but it's unclear whether that will include any compensation. Boissonnault has a mandate of three years to act on calls for reparations, Xtra reported.

    These announcements, along with a trans rights bill that has passed its second reading, are part of the Trudeau government's push for "upholding the right of every individual in Canada to equal protection and equal benefit of the law, without discrimination."